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On 28 and 29 July 2022, Minister for the Interior Kristaps Eklons paid a working visit to the State Border Guard facilities in Latgale, as well as to the Latvia-Belarus and Latvia-Russia borders. During the working visit, the Minister got acquainted with the work of the Border Guard structural units in more detail and discussed the most important issues, problems and development plans of the Border Guard. 

“During the visit, by meeting representatives of various structural units of the State Border Guard and familiarizing myself with their work and equipment, I gained confidence in the readiness of our services to ensure order and security at our state border. I am satisfied with the capabilities and professional equipment of the Border Guard. We need to continue our determined efforts to physically prepare the service, train new recruits and develop the equipment needed to overcome geopolitical challenges in order to make the service more efficient,” stated Minister for the Interior Kristaps Eklons.

During his visit, the Minister visited the Border Guard Units in Robežnieki and Opole, as well as the Latvian-Belarusian and Latvian-Russian borders. The Minister observed that deforestation, surveying and construction works are actively taking place on the border with Belarus. It was also confirmed that the temporary fence is fully functioning as a barrier, which makes it much more difficult for illegal migrants to cross into Latvia, as the border guards would be able to react quickly if someone illegally tried to cross it. Since 10 August 2021, almost 6 800 attempts to cross the border illegally have been prevented so far.

The Minister was acquainted with the work of the Aviation Administration and the State Border Guard College, as well as the equipment available in the services - helicopters, vehicles, military equipment, etc. The development plans of both services were discussed. Possible cooperation between the Aviation Administration and several responsible ministries was discussed and will be examined in order to be able to quickly evacuate victims of accidents or to engage in aerial fire-fighting.

Kristaps Eklons: “I am proud of the work of both services, as the State Border Guard College employs some of the best canine experts in the country, who train dogs for the needs of the Border Guard and other responsible services. In addition, the College provides quality education that in 100% of cases provides employment for its graduates. The College staff actively reaches out to potential students by visiting educational institutions and various events, as well as organizing open days so that anyone interested can learn about the work of the Border Guard. I encourage young people to take advantage of this opportunity!”


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