Ministry of Interior

One of the policy areas of the Ministry, within the framework of which the implementation of the citizenship policy is ensured, including registration of the status of Latvian citizen, implementation of optimal naturalisation processes for obtaining citizenship, as well as ensuring a legal process for the loss and renewal of citizenship.


Population accounting and documentation, as well as migration:

One of the policy areas of the Ministry, population accounting, as part of which the Population Register (as of 28 June 2021) is established, which is one of the most important national databases with information on more than 3 million persons. The register is a single national population accounting system in which information on the names, surname, change thereof, residence of the person, identity documents, etc. is stored. The information shall be used for statistical studies, tax forecasting, calculation, election organisation and other governmental processes.

At the same time, the registration and documentation of residents shall include ensuring the possibility for Latvian nationals to receive personal identification documents - passport, identity card (eID card) and temporary documents, as well as establishing the legal status of the person in Latvia.

Within the framework of the field of migration policy, the control of the entry, exit and residence of foreign nationals, including other citizens of the European Union, shall be carried out in order to ensure the implementation of policies in conformity with international legal norms and the interests of the State of Latvia.

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