The purpose of the society's participation is to ensure that decisions taken by public authorities are in line with the needs of the public, explained and understood in good time to those concerned. Public participation has a number of benefits in general aimed at improving the quality of regulation: identifiing the “real” problem, evaluating possible alternatives, detecting possible regulatory “side effects” in a timely manner, and achieving that the solutions developed are appropriate, effective and comprehensible for the target group. The opportunity to express its views should be provided for development planning documents, draft legislation at the initial stage of their development, and for other phases when societal issues are being addressed. Any representative of the public concerned or interested in the matter may give his or her opinion. Each representative of the company shall be entitled to feedback on his proposal. Public Participation shall be implemented proactively by public authorities looking for the most effective ways of involving and informing the public, particularly those parts of the public, which are affected or likely to be affected by the proposed action. The procedures for public participation shall be governed by:

  • Development Planning System Law
  • State Administration Structure Law
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 25 August 2009 970 “public participation arrangements in the development planning process”.
    You can send your proposals to the Ministry of Interior by post (Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1 korp.2, Rīga, LV-1026) or via email (