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On 12 November the Saeima adopted in the second - final - reading the the Law on Construction of the External Land Border Infrastructure, proposed by the Ministry of the Interior, which was developed in order to ensure fast and effective construction of the infrastructure necessary for external land border, determining a special legal regulation.

Taking into account changes in the international security environment and rapid increase of unlawful border crossings of the Latvian - Belarussian border, the risks related to border protection and security have increased. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure construction of the infrastructure necessary for defence of the external border as soon as possible. 

I am proud that the Cabinet of Ministers supported and Saeima urgently adopted the Law on the Construction of the External Land Border Infrastructure, in order for us to move faster ahead with the contruction of the Eastern border. The building of the temporary barbed wire fence on the border of Latvia -Belarus will be completed already in November. Construction of the permanent border infrastructure is the only long-term solution to guarantee the safety of the external border of our country as well as the European Union," notes the Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva.

The Law stipulates that the state and municipal authorities as well as other authorities shall examine all submissions and issues related to the building of the external border infrastructure and provision and performance of works related to that and make decisions in accordance with the priority procedure. The same applies to the issues related to the confisction of the property necessary for contruction of the external border. 

The territory necessary for building of the external border infrastructure will be determined by the State Border Guard in cooperation with the Provision State Agency. The construction of the infrastructure will be organised and provided by the state joint stock company State Real Estate. 

In order to rapidly settle all unclear issues arising in relation to the above-mentioned construction process without delays, as well as supervise and coordinate the course of actions in a unified manner, the Supervisory Committee for Building of the External Border Infrastructure will be established, lead by the Minister of the Interior M.Golubeva.

Considering that it is necessary to commence the construction of the external land border infrastructure without delay, the draft law will enter into force on the next day after proclamation.


Prepared by:

Linda Curika

Advisor to the Minister of the Interior in the matters of strategic communication