#StandWithUkraine Press information
Latvija palīdz Ukrainai

We treasure and understand public’s desire to support fellow human beings in Ukraine. To facilitate the work of various institutions in Ukraine and ensure that the people of Ukraine receive the assistance they urgently need, please coordinate your activities!

Please do not travel individually and uncoordinated to Ukraine or the Polish-Lithuanian border, to offer transport and basic necessities! At the moment, the already heavy traffic is hindering  delivery of aid to Ukraine and the safety of the Ukrainian people.

We encourage individuals, companies, and non-governmental organisations, as well as State and local authorities, to coordinate their activities. Follow the information of the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) on requests for assistance and the need for support!

European Union Civil Protection Mechanism informs on humanitarian and other assistance needs, including from crisis-affected countries.  It ensures coordinated EU response and delivery of the assistance requested.  

The SFRS Operational Management Directorate for Disaster Management and Response is the national focal point for regular communication and information exchange with the European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ECERCC) and NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Relief Coordination Centre (EADRCC), where necessary.

Latvian SFRS cooperates with the association “Easy to Help” (Viegli palīdzēt – Lat.) in the coordination of humanitarian shipments from Latvia. Ensures information and, if necessary, logistical support through international platforms.

A unified information helpline “Help to Ukrainians in Latvia” – number +37127380380 - lauched to provide the key information in a single place about the possibility of receiving and providing support to the Ukrainian civilians. The Society Integration Foundation (SIF) supports it.

The informative helpline “Help for Ukrainians in Latvia” will provide refugees from Ukraine with universal information on available assistance and support in Latvia. Such as, how to get employment, psychological assistance, legal support, interpreter, health care, social support, etc. In turn, Latvian citizens will receive information on the possibility to donate and provide assistance, for example voluntary work.

Further information and answers to FAQs are available on the Home Office website: https://www.iem.gov.lv/lv/informacija-ukrainas-pilsoniem-kuri-izcelo-no-ukrainas-militara-konflikta-del

 “I want to help refugees” and TechChill platforms gather information on initiatives to help. Please, visit: https://www.ukraine-latvia.com


For more detailed information:

Agrita Vitola (Agrita Vītola)

SFRS Prevention and Public Information Division

Tel.: 27899657; e-mail: agrita.vitola@vugd.gov.lv