#StandWithUkraine Press information
Dzeltenzils karogs

On 24 February, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a Plan in the event of a mass influx of refugees from Ukraine to Latvia. The Plan identifies tasks and resources to be implemented by public authorities, municipalities and businesses to ensure coordinated and immediate action to receive and host up to ten thousand (10 000) persons from Ukraine

The Plan is response to the unprovoked, large-scale Russian military aggression against Ukraine, launched on 24 February 2022.

Latvia prepares for eminent security risks, including unpredictable, incalculable refugee inflow. The action Plan will apply to people arriving en masse from Ukraine and seeking asylum in Latvia, or applying for a visa on humanitarian grounds. The Plan foresees arrival of up to 10 000 refugees from Ukraine.

The Action Plan foresees to accommodation and catering in hotels, guest houses, households in the reception phase, pending alternative accommodation such as sports centres or schools. Coordination of accommodation of persons arriving involves municipalities and cooperation of their civil protection commissions. Emergency medical assistance will be provided by the Emergency Medical Service National Health Service and medical institutions are to care for outpatient health care.

Plan’s accommodation phase ensures provision of social services and placement of children in educational institutions. In case the capacity of the State to receive and accommodate the mass influx from Ukraine is insufficient, Latvia will request international assistance and support.

Measures included in the Action Plan shall be coordinated and, if necessary, additional measures determined by the Civil Protection Operational Control Centre, which shall be headed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior.

The implementation of the pan will be ensured by the responsible ministries, their subordinate institutions, municipalities, traders, as well as non-governmental and other organizations safeguard implementation of the plan.