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Dzeloņstiepļu žogs, sniegs, mežs

Two Afghan nationals with signs of frostbite and critical health condition have been smuggled across the Belarus-Latvia border by immigrants. Thanks to the technical means at the disposal of the State Border Guard, a rapid response was made and the persons were provided with first aid. Such an atrocity on the part of the immigrants and the Belarusian authorities is categorically unacceptable. 

Yesterday, 19 December, while carrying out border surveillance, two groups of persons were observed near the State border on the Belarusian side, one of them moving a sleeping person on a makeshift stretcher. In order to prevent a possible illegal crossing of the State border, the border guards went to the scene and witnessed how one of the potential border violators literally dragged one person through a previously made defect in the temporary fence into the Latvian territory and returned to Belarus himself, and a moment later a second person was also pushed into the Latvian territory.

On inspecting and questioning the two migrants, the border guards discovered that both men were showing visible signs of frostbite and that they were unable to answer any questions.

The Emergency Medical Service team was immediately called, and in order to get the persons medical assistance as soon as possible, the border guards transported the two victims on snowmobiles to the nearest Emergency Medical Service team arrival point.

Both persons were immediately hospitalized and taken to Rēzekne Hospital. Unfortunately, one of the victims died in Rēzekne Hospital due to severe hypothermia.

It should be noted that the threat of terrorism from the Belarusian authorities at the Latvian-Belarusian border continues. Despite the cold weather conditions, it is becoming even more intense. This is not the first time that border guards have had to call in Emergency Medical Service teams to provide first aid to people who have been brought to Latvia or who have been caught in the territory, who are exhausted and often frostbitten, in order to prevent further threats to their health and lives. 

Pursuant to the provisions of Latvian legislation, the illegal movement of persons across the State border, as well as the intentional leaving unattended of a person in a condition dangerous to life or health, is punishable by criminal liability and a penalty involving deprivation of liberty.


Information prepared by: Kristīne Pētersone,

Chief Inspector of the Strategic Development and Public Relations Division of the State Border Guard, tel. 67075739, e-mail: