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During the month since the new place of residence, you permanently in his place of residence must be declared.

The guardianship or trusteeship of its existing person's place of residence declaration you have the opportunity to submit in person with the relevant local government, which reside in the address or portal electronically. Your visit at the address of the place of residence is possible to declare your notarially authorised person.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    If the person 's new place of residence is in the territory of the Daugavpils City, declaring a place of residence party, his legal representatives or plenipotentiary person arrives at the Daugavpils City council housing department.
    1) declaration of place of residence (see form) - original must be submitted;
    2) identity dokuments- presented to the original;
    3) birth certificate, if the minor child shall declare the place of residence and other documents which attest to the declarant of a place of residence or her legal representative is authorized to act on behalf of the relevant person (the decision of the Orphan's court, etc.) - the original presentation;
    4) the authorised person - a notarially certified authorisation and personal identification document;
    5) foreigners and stateless persons - Latvia valid personal identification document and residence permit or registration certificate - the original presentation;
    6) a document certifying payment of state fee (original);
    The State fee for service in the amount of EUR 4.27
    Information transfer:
    Beneficiary: Daugavpils City Council Reg. no. 90000077325 of the settlement centre,
    Bank accounts:
    As the "Citadele": LV17PARX 0000 8500 6200 0
    Nordea Bank Finland PLC Latvian branch: LV29NDEA 0000 0826 2424 2
    JSC "Trasta Komercbanka": LV55KBRB 1111 2250 4700 2
    JSC "DnB bank": LV47RIKO 000 2011 00442 3
    JSC "Swedbank": LV69HABA 0001 4020 4125 0
    JSC “Norvik Banka": LV89LATB 0006 0100 0957 4
    "SEB Bank": LV10UNLA 0005 0111 3052 6
    Objective: the State fee for the declaration of the place of residence
    7) in order to receive payment of state fee relief person shall present:
    - a certificate of repressed persons;
    - a disability certificate;
    - pensioners, which the amount of a pension shall not exceed the minimum salary - a statement regarding the amount of a pension from the SSIA;
    - the Chernobyl Nuclear Clean-up membership certificate;
    - the certificate of conformity of a family (person) status.
    8) declaring the place of residence owned by the municipality:
    - living accommodation rental agreement;
    - The living accommodation or rental agreement;
    - living accommodation sub-tenancy agreement;
    - Social apartment rental agreement;
    - The Treaty concerning the residence of the Social Agenda;
    - The Treaty concerning the residence of the Family Support / shelter.

  2. Receipt of services
    Show personal identification document;
    The authorised person shall present personal identification document and the power of attorney

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