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If the legal basis for the use of the residential space has been lost for a person declared in your property or if a person has provided false information when declaring the place of residence, you have the opportunity to ask the local government on the basis of an application to verify the legality of the residence information declared by that person and, if necessary, to request that person to cancel it.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to request a service, the owner of the apartment or home shall submit to the local government:

    - Filled application;
    - documents certifying the rights of property.

    Documents can be submitted to the Customer Service Center, sent by mail, and via the portal.

    An electronically signed application may also be sent by e-mail.

    It is possible to find out the persons declared on their property electronically by using the “Persons declared on my property” service available on the portal

  2. Receipt of services
    The local government shall review the documents submitted and within 30 days provide a reply regarding the decision to cancel the information regarding the declared place of residence.

    The decision can be obtained in person, by post or by electronic means.

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