Lpgo - Valsts drošības dienests

In the assessment of Latvian State Security Service (VDD), the European Parliament (EP) elections in Latvia have been conducted peacefully. VDD has not detected attempts to unlawfully influence the election results in Latvia.

Until now, VDD has detected a total of 39 so-called signals about possible breaches related to the EP elections in Latvia. Currently, VDD has not obtained information about potential influencing of the freedom of choice of voters, including potential vote-buying cases.

Similar to previous EP elections in 2019, also during these elections VDD mainly established insignificant breaches of the election procedure. In the EP elections of 2024, VDD identified a total of 28 such cases. VDD continues verifying several of these cases.

Until now, VDD has not initiated any criminal case for possible unlawful activities connected to EP elections in Latvia. Nor has VDD established direct attempts by the aggressor state Russia or other countries to interfere in the course of the EP elections and influence their outcome in Latvia.

VDD supervised the EP election security in close cooperation with State Police, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, Central Election Commission and other institutions. During its activities, VDD detected six signals the verification of which falls within the remit of other institutions. The information obtained regarding possible breaches was referred to institutions in charge of assessing them.

VDD expresses gratitude to the members of public who provided the Service with information about potential breaches during the EP elections.

VDD reiterates that the information about possible breaches during the EP elections can be provided to the Service over the 24/7 phone +371 6720 8964, by writing to email or by using the “X” account @Valsts_drosiba.

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo, VDD