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On February 24, the Annual Members' Meeting of Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia  (FSDI Latvia) approved priorities and measures for the development of Latvia's defence and security industry by 2027.

FSDI Latvia brings together 84 members – companies, education and research institutions and 10 prominent foreign military producers. At the Annual Meeting, members, together with the co-operation partners, leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior, discussed the challenges and achievements of the previous year. Members of FSDI Latvia approved priorities and measures for the next seven years.

Chairman of the Council of FSDI Latvia, the Head of the Latvian Industry Delegation for NATO Industry Advisory Group Agris Dundurs, said “representatives of the defence industries face similar challenges around the world today. Superiority and dominance in security markets will be gained by those companies that will be able to adapt to the new circumstances. Coordinated action between the defence and security sectors with industry will contribute to common security, strengthening supply chains and the economy."

“The defence sector's cooperation with Latvia's fast-growing military industry has become more and more financially significant in recent years. The growth and development of Latvian military industry companies, able to offer products not only for the needs of the National Armed Forces, but also to compete in the markets of the EU and NATO countries, are the engines of the Latvian economy. Thanks to the successful cooperation and the volume of projects being carried out, we can probably call the Ministry of Defence not only the “small ministry of foreign affairs” but also the “small ministry of economy”. “I am pleased that our military industry companies are currently prepared not only to be partners in other joint project of large international companies, but also become large project leaders,” Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks said in a speech to the Annual Members' Meeting of FSDI Latvia.

Minister of the Interior Affairs Sandis Ģirģens acknowledged that “Continuous exchange of information and cross-sectoral cooperation is vital to strengthening the internal security. We have now developed very good cooperation with the defence sector, which will certainly continue in the long term, strengthening the civil protection of the country. In cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, we have strengthened the material and technical base of the State Border Guard. It is also necessary to note the successful cooperation with members of FSDI Latvia - Tilde, UPB, Riga Stradina University and Riga Technical University. The last two years for the Ministry of Interior have been a phase of modernization planning and preparing a legal base for development, and now we are coming to the finish line so that we can move on to procurement and build a modern, innovation-based security sector."

FSDI Latvia awarded wih Certificate of Appreciation for a significant contribution to strengthen the defence and security industries:

Head of the Industry and Research Support Division of the Ministry of Defence's Department of Security and Defence Investment Policy Martins Mezulis, for the contribution to the development of defence industry support policy;
Member of the Board of SIA “Metrum”, Member of the Ethics Commission of FSDI Latvia Māris Krievs for the contribution to the development FSDI Latvia Industrial Guidelines for Industry guidelines for improving quality of infrastructure project design and the development of FSDI Latvia Financial Compliance Guidelines approved in 2020.
FSDI Latvia priorities and measures for achieving mission and strategic objectives for 2021-2027:

1. Development of defence technologies and industrial base of Latvia by measuring the supply volumes provided by members to the security and defence sectors;
2. Cross-border cooperation, international supply chains, competitiveness in foreign markets by measuring qualitative and quantitative participation of members in projects of international consortia;
3. Private, research and public cooperation by measuring members' investment in research and development and cooperation projects implemented with research institutions;
4. Integration of Latvian security and defence enterprises in the development of European defence capabilities by measuring the increase in the number of enterprises certified as military manufacturers, the share of high value-added products and exports;
5. Bridging the skills gap and lifelong learning in the security and defence sectors by promoting the retraining and integration of retired personel into the labour market, and by reducing the outflow or transfer of security technology competences to third countries.

Additional information:

FSDI Latvia is the only organization representing security and defence industries and science at national and international level. FSDI Latvia unites 84 members – company, educational and research institutions, and 10 prominent foreign military manufacturers. Compared to 2018, the growth of private sector members of FSDI Latvia is 8% or 702.4 MEUR in turnover, 6% or 86.3 MEUR is paid in taxes, 34% or 73.3 MEUR in profits, 3% or 5794 people. DAIF Latvia actively cooperates at national level with the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economics and the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia. Internationally, FSDI Latvia represents the Latvian industry in the NATO Industry Advisory Group, DEFIS and EDA, as well as ensures bilateral cooperation with relevant organizations abroad.

FSDI Latvia implements the European Union funded project No. "Establishment of the Latvian Security and Defence Cluster". The Latvian Security and Defence Cluster (DAK) currently brings together more than 30 companies and 4 higher education institutions.  The objectives of the DAK are to create the conditions for an increase in exports, innovation and productivity of SMEs. Within the DAK, we specialize in new areas of development – cyber defence and smart materials.