#StandWithUkraine Press information

On 5 May, the Ministers for the Interior of the Baltic States and Poland met in Kyiv to sign a declaration aimed at strengthening transnational cooperation and restoring peace and security in the European region.

This declaration will create the necessary conditions to strengthen cooperation in the field of home affairs and to provide coherent and operational support to the Ukrainian internal affairs services. The declaration will strengthen the fight against cross-border crime, including the illegal movement of people across borders, by working together to combat trafficking in human beings. Particular attention will be paid to vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities and unaccompanied children crossing borders. Close cooperation is envisaged to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine’s internal affairs infrastructure. The declaration also states that the internal affairs services will provide support, within the limits of their competence, with experts and human resources.

The Russian invaders are leaving destruction in their wake, killing civilians and destroying people’s homes and infrastructure. The ongoing fight in Ukraine is a fight for democracy and the right to live in a sovereign country without fear of aggressive neighbors. In Latvia, we feel the Ukrainian pain keenly and we know what it means to fight for our sovereignty. The Cabinet of Ministers has already supported the provision of material and technical support to Ukraine’s internal affairs sector - border guards, rescuers and police. The signing of the declaration is a proof of solidarity in our region,” noted Minister for the Interior Marija Golubeva.

During their stay, the Ministers for the Interior visited the partially destroyed Hostomel, witnessing the consequences of the temporary Russian occupation and hearing about the experiences of the National Guard in protecting the airport from the invaders. The Ministers were briefed on the process of clearing the rubble from the bombed-out residential buildings, and visited the Hostomel Airport and the hangar of the “Mriya” aircraft.