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On Wednesday, August 18, Minister for the Interior Marija Golubeva met with representatives of non-governmental organizations to discuss the situation on the border of Latvia-Belarus.

The meeting was attended by representatives from “I want to help refugees”, “Make Room Europe”, “Asylum Secure Home”, “Caritas Latvija”, “Public Policy Centre PROVIDUS”, “Latvian Red Cross”, “Latvian Human Rights Centre” and the Latvian Bureau of the International Organization for Migration.

The meeting was organized to coordinate cooperation between the home affairs sector and the non-governmental sector with the situation on the border of Latvia-Belarus.

Participants discussed ways in which non-governmental organizations can help people who are not allowed back to Belarus after attempting to illegally cross the border of Latvia from Belarus. It was agreed that needs would be identified and people would receive assistance in close cooperation with the State Border Guard.

The call also updated the need to support people who have so far requested asylum in Latvia. More effective solutions are sought for issues such as catering and coordinated risk identification.

Participants agreed on streamlining exchange of information between the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs, the State Border Guard and non-governmental organizations. The Ministry of Interior is grateful to non-governmental organizations, both for the initiative and cooperation in the past and for their expertise and willingness to help.


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