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Miķeļa Valtera kapa plāksne nodota Liepājas muzejam

On 23 October 2020, a formal ceremony was held in Liepaja in honor of the transfer of the first Minister of Interior, diplomat and statesman Mikeel Walter's grave plate to the Liepaja Museum. M. Walter's grandson, Ilmars Janis Mikkeel Yekabson, gave the museum a grave plaque that had been in the East Cemetery of Nice since M. Walter's funeral in 1968. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took care of the arrival of this plaque from France to Latvia and was delivered to Liepaja today.

During the ceremony at the Liepājas Museum, the Liepājas museum director Dace Carkla, Liepājas City Council Vice-President Atis Deksnis, M. Walter's daughter-in-law, Valdis Yekabsons-Walters, said.

Gintts Jegermanis, director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of Latvia in France, said about the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Ministry of Latvia to the preparation of the resettlement of M.Valtera, about the memorial ceremony at Riga Palace and resettling in the graves of I Forest.

Deputy Director of the National History Museum of Latvia in scientific work, historian Tom Kicuts described M.Valtera's relationship with Liepja – childhood, youth and activities in 1919.

At a ceremony in the 20 th century. in the years 20-30, the Krakintet of the NBS Naval Forces orchestrators played special pieces for Latvia.

The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Latvian Embassy in France, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and relatives of M. Walter, started work in early 2018.

On 11 August 2020, in France, the Eastern Cemetery of Nice City, the exhumation of M.Valtera was carried out and on 14 August M. Walter was delivered to Latvia by a flight from Nice to airBaltic. .

On 23 September, Mikeel Walter's memorial ceremony was held in Riga Palace and his ashes were laid in the graves of the Forest.

The statesman Mikkeel Walter (1874-1968) was Latvia's first minister of interior affairs, a politician, a diplomat, a journalist and a literate. . He played an important role in formulating the idea of independence of Latvia and founding the country. As of October 1919, Mr Valters was a diplomatic representative in Italy, in March 1921 – the exceptional envoy and the authorised minister in Italy, as of November 1921 – also the non-resident minister in Spain and Portugal. M.valter has been the exceptional envoy and authorised minister in France, Poland, Hungary, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as the consul in Caracas (East Prussia).

In assessing Mikeel Walter's contribution to the formation and establishment of the State of Latvia and to the development of relations between Latvia and France, a conference was held in Nice on 22 March 2018. . La Lettonie).


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