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Iekšlietu ministre Marija Golubeva

On 3 May, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a report prepared by the Ministry of the Interior. It addressed the additional funding required by the Ministry of the Interior for one-off investments for the implementation of measures to strengthen internal security and develop national defense capabilities in the context of the war waged by V.Putin against Ukraine. Also increasing geopolitical risks. The raise projected amounts to amount 7 731 030 euros in 2023, 9 042 850 euros in 2024 and 8 562 474 euros in 2025.

The report calls for funding to strengthen the Civil Protection and Disaster Management System, the State Security Service, the State Police, as well as to prevent cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and ensure the availability of radio communications.

The civil protection framework is a component of the national security system. Essential to guarantee the country’s security and resilience to various threats - natural and human-made disasters, timely risk response to geopolitical frictions, military threats and war. In this pivotal moment of history when we must not hesitate to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities,” emphasized the Minister for the Interior Marija Golubeva.

The Civil Protection System is commenced in the event of state and regional disasters, the threat of disaster, war, military invasion or the threat thereof. Response is instrumental zed through the establishment of a Civil Protection Operational Control Centre (CPOCC). This centre requires a permanent infrastructure and information technology support.

There is also a need to modernize the existing storage, accounting, inventory and distribution system for both the State’s material reserves and all internal affairs resources. Essential to ensure modern and efficient warehouse layouts, structures and introduction of supporting technological solutions. It is planned to establish a Unified Internal Affairs Logistics Centre.  A facility is to be located on the site of a degraded warehouse in Rājusila Street, owned by the State Agency for Security of the Ministry of the Interior. Existing warehouses inventory will be optimized and relocated to the Piedrujas Street warehouse.

To ensure the continuous operation of the Ministry of the Interior’s structural units and critical infrastructure facilities in the event of a disruption in electricity supply, it is essential to install efficient power generators. Thus institutions and critical infrastructure facilities are to gain alternative source of electricity in the event of a power outage, to continue their functions both in case of common technical disruptions and in the event of a state emergency and crisis.

The required funding for strengthening the civil protection and disaster management system is estimated at 1 199 0222 euro in 2023, 4 490 342 euro in 2024 and 4 009 966 euro in 2025.

The report also foresees purchase of weapons for the State Police, in addition to activities to support the capacity of the State Security Service.

The report underlines that Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior has in recent years made significant improvements in modernizing ICT infrastructure.  Upgrading security equipment and security solutions for cyber defence purposes. Currently, however, with all security solutions fully operational, there is a shortage of infrastructure resources - to counter a dramatic increase in security incidents, where security solutions will not be able to capture and store all the necessary information for further incident investigation. Thus, high-performance servers and data stores need to be purchased. In order to improve the availability of radio communications for the internal affairs services, there is an additional need to purchase and equip base stations with diesel or petrol generators.

The State Fire and Rescue Service manages, coordinates and controls the civil protection system. One of the tasks of the civil protection system is to provide support to the national defence system in the event of a military invasion or the outbreak of war.

Prepared by:

Ministry of the Interior

Communication Department