#StandWithUkraine Press information

On 15 March, the Cabinet of Ministers accepted a “Regulation on Information Necessary to Provide Support to Ukrainian Civilians”. It aims to keep track and jointly manage information on Ukrainian civilians who have requested support and to coordinate its provision. To ensure coordinated action information will be made available to all Civil Protection Commissions in the cooperation area, all single coordination points for state and municipal support, as well as to the State Fire and Rescue Service.

The regulation establishes a following algorithm for recording and circulation of information.:

  1. The Ukrainian civilian visits the Civil Protection Commission of the cooperation area, coordination points for state and municipal support or the State Fire and Rescue Service to request assistance;
  2. The authorities will find out and record:
    1. information about the person, on their entry into the Republic of Latvia;
    2. data on the person's identity document (when held??) and proof of the right to reside in the Republic of Latvia;
    3. information about the person accompanying a minor and the required assistance.

Required assistance - accommodation, food, basic necessities, health care, social assistance and social services, education of a minor, continuation of higher education, free Latvian language tuition, employment, animal care and registration, as well as other necessary support. 

The information obtained can be managed for one year from when the information was obtained.

Prepared by:

Ministry of the Interior

Communication Department