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Latvijas-Baltkrievijas robeža

Taking into account the indications of the interior services on the potential risks in relation to the possible repeat hybrid attack organized by the Belarussian regime, as well as support of Belarus for the war deployed by Russia in Ukraine, today, on 9 August 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers supported extension of the emergency situation on the Latvian - Belarussian border. The emergency situation in Ludza, Kraslava, Augšdaugava municipality and Daugavpils state city will be extended by 10 November of the current year.

“In August, compared to July, the number of persons has increased who attempted to illegally cross the Latvian - Belarussian border. Attempts of 13 persons to illegally cross the border were prevented in July, but they were already 50 from 1 August to 8 August, therefore, we have to treat the situation cautiously and be prepared for different situations. In accordance with the information provided by the State Border Guard, in case of repeat hybrid attack it should need additional capacity by attracting other services, but without the circumstances of emergency situation other services are not entitled to perform activities on the border and provide support to border guards. Without extension of the emergency situation, human resources available on the border would decrease by 75%. We cannot admit such a risk, therefore, I would like to thank colleagues from the government for the support provided,” says the Minister of the Interior Kristaps Eklons.

The State Border Guard regularly analyses the situation on the border area, informing the Ministry of the Interior on the potential risks. Besides, the Latvian services, in cooperation with the Lithuanian colleagues, have identified the route of third-country migrants for entering the European Union: with the support of Belarus and Russia migrants from Iran reach Russia, go to Minsk and afterwards they are channeled to the borders of Poland, Lithuania or Latvia. Border guards have also established that the number of flights from Iran to Russia has increased, thus there is a risk that the flow of third-country nationals could be renewed.

The government also decided that along with extension of the emergency situation, the more flexible procedure for determination of additional payments for work in the circumstances of increased risk and work load will be determined for the State Border Guard, State Police and State Security Service. The amount of additional payments up to 50% from the hourly salary rate determined for the official or employee will be set.


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