#StandWithUkraine Press information

On 12 March, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for providing accommodation and catering services to Ukrainian citizens (refugees) in Latvia until they find a permanent place of residence. The initial support will back finding employment to build future personal security. The service will be available for The support will be available for up to 90 days, and accommodate up to 10 000 people . €13.5 m of central government budget are earmarked for the purpose.

Accommodation and catering services will be provided by the municipality.  State Fire and Rescue Service in cooperation with the State Border Guard Service and the Civil Protection Commissions of the municipalities of the cooperation area will coordinate distribution of the effort in provision of accommodation and catering services to Ukrainian civilians.

When providing the services, the municipality must take into account the individual needs of each Ukrainian civilian (e.g. number of children in a family or group, specific needs of individuals). In particular, when assessing on appropriate accommodation service (tourist accommodation, dormitory, etc.) and catering needs of the persons concerned.

Accommodation costs incurred, respectively, by the municipality will be borne by the State up to 100% of the actual cost of the accommodation, not exceeding EUR 20 per person per day.  The costs of the catering service provided to Ukrainian civilians will also be covered by the State at 100% of the actual cost of the catering.  If catering service is provided by a catering establishment within the municipality, the cost shall not exceed overall cost/prices of said establishment.

The municipality, i.e. the Civil Protection Commission of the cooperation area, shall establish and maintain a list of Ukrainian civilians who have received accommodation and catering services. The municipality must submit a report on the services provided and the amount of such services to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, which will reimburse the municipality on a monthly basis.

Regulation underlines legality of the respective decisions. The municipality must carry out a price or market study, thereby selecting the most economically viable offers from service providers.  Compensation above-market costs is precluded, the choice shall not create an economic advantage for the service providers and, consequently, qualify as commercial aid.

As reported, Article 12 of the Law on Support for Ukrainian Civilians obliges the State to provide, inter alia, accommodation and food services to Ukrainian civilians for up to 90 days. Government already provides Ukrainian civilians with access to necessities.

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