Valsts policija

On Monday, August 3, after receiving a phone call about the murder in Jurmala, the police found a dead woman with several stabbed wounds in a private house. . Shortly afterwards, the law guards apprehended the crime in a near-fatal state . Current information shows that the crime was committed for personal reasons. Criminal proceedings have been initiated and investigations are ongoing. .

Yesterday, 3 August, at ten o'clock in the morning, the State Police received a call from a man who gave his name and surname and announced that he had murdered a woman in a private house in Jurmala, giving an exact address. .

At the site of the event came the official guards of the Criminal Police Department of the Riga Regional Council of the State Police, who found the body of a woman born in 1961 with  stabbed wounds in the body. The information provider was not present at that address. .

In the course of the investigation, the officers at the Jurmala precinct found out the whereabouts of the information provider born in 1957 and detained him in less than half an hour. . He was known to be close to the woman.

The detainee had confessed to the murder and had testified that the crime had been committed by jealousy. . Current information shows that the crime was committed spontaneously.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated following Article 116 of the Criminal Law on murder. . For such a crime, the Law shall provide for life imprisonment or deprivation of liberty for a period of five to 20 years.

The suspected man is currently in the insulator and will soon be decided on the application of the security vehicle – arrest – to that person. .

Prepared by: Gita Gžibovska