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Iekšlietu ministrijas poliklīnika

“Ministry of the Interior Polyclinic” is an outpatient treatment institution that provides a wide range of outpatient health care to both officials of the Interior Service and other patient groups. Even today, in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the polyclinic continues to work, ensuring the availability of services for home affairs officials and other patients.

Minister of the Interior Sandis Ģirģens points out: “Unlike last spring, when the availability of outpatient services at the polyclinic was temporarily suspended, currently outpatient health services are continued and provided in accordance with all epidemiological safety requirements. At present, unlike state-funded medical services available elsewhere, the Ministry of the Interior's outpatient clinic is open and a wide range of health services is available to workers in the sector. This is the result of an orderly system. We do not allow home workers to have access to any healthcare services. People cannot afford not to see a doctor or specialists, as this can have serious consequences in the long run and great losses for the home affairs industry and society as a whole. "

All specialists, including the Central Medical Examination Commission (CMEK), accept visitors only by prior appointment. Consequently, the flow of patients is regulated. The flow of officials to undergo mandatory medical examinations is also regulated. Telephone counseling has also been introduced as much as possible and in what situations. By now, two thirds of the polyclinic's employees have been vaccinated.

The polyclinic provides both state-paid and paid outpatient health care services. At the same time, the CMEK established in the outpatient clinic of the Ministry of the Interior, under the guidance of certified doctors-experts, performs health examinations of officials of the Ministry of the Interior system and Prison Administration with special service ranks and candidate candidates, thus participating in effective personnel policy.

The ability of the officials of the system institutions of the Ministry of the Interior and the Prisons Administration with special service ranks to perform the duties of the service is directly related to the health of each official, for whom special requirements are specified in regulatory enactments. Health examinations performed by SJSC “Polyclinic of the Ministry of the Interior” provide officials with special service ranks with a health condition control system, starting with admission to the service, during the service and until retirement from the service. When conducting medical and psychological examinations of officials with special service ranks, an information system on the health condition of each official has been created, which allows controlling and operatively solving various issues related to the treatment, rehabilitation and service of officials.

In total, 90 medical practitioners are employed in the polyclinic of the Ministry of the Interior. VSIA “Polyclinic of the Ministry of the Interior” was established on July 1, 1998, but it had been operating as a medical institution within the structure of the Ministry of the Interior for several decades.


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