Ugunsdzēsēji dzēš māju

Last day, during the period from 30 July this year 06.30 to July 31 plk t. 06.30, the National Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) received 36 calls – 10 to fire-extinguishing, 18 to rescue jobs, while eight calls were mishandled.

Yesterday at 15 .41 VUGD received an invitation in Riga, where smoke rose from the window of a multi-storey residential house . On arrival at the site of the event, fire-fighters found that food in the fifth floor apartment of the building had been burned unattended in an area of 0.02 m2. At 16 .25 fire was eliminated. A smoke detector was installed in the apartment.

VUGD calls on citizens not to rely solely on the alertness of others, but to take precautions when preparing or warming food! Do not leave the food on the stove unattended and install smoke detectors in the housing, which will tell you in good time about the developed mutiny with a shrill tone.

Yesterday at 16 .21 VUGD received a call to the Zirņu parish of Saldus municipality, where a man was lost in the forest . At the scene of the event, firefighters rescuers, using the sound of a tank, pointed direction and a man came out of the woods. . Finished jobs at event site 17.30.

Come on 13 .51 an invitation was received to the Dikļu parish of Kocēnu municipality, where the man was lost in the forest. As they searched the woods, the firefighters found the scooters left in the man's forest, contacted the lost person, found out the direction in which he had gone and found him successfully. The person was transferred to medics of the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD) . Jobs were completed at the event site at 15.18.

VUGD recalls that when you go into the woods, you should remember about safety and take a charged mobile phone with you so that you can call the emergency services on 112 if needed! If you realise that you will not be able to get out of the woods, call the rescuers and give them the most specific landmarks possible – where you entered the forest, how long you have stayed in the forest, what natural or man-made objects you have crossed or passed. . This information will help firefighters find you!

Come on. .18 .34 VUGD received a call in Tukuma, where a man had fallen 2.5 metres into a deep ditch and was unable to get out of it. The firefighters pulled the man out of the ditch with the help of an immobilization board and handed him over to the NMPD employees.

Yesterday in Riga, fire fighters lifted a dead man from the river and handed over to State Police officers.


Prepared by: VUGD Prevention and Public Information Division