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On January 7 of this year, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments of the Immigration Law. The draft law stipulates that in the future an appeal against the decisions of the Minister for the Interior regarding the inclusion of foreigners in the list of persons prohibited from entering the Republic of Latvia will be implemented not by the Prosecutor General's Office but by a court.

The amendments also give the precise definition that the decision of the Minister shall include information on the reasons for the decision, insofar as it does not endanger the conditions for the protection of information.

Until now, the Immigration Law stipulated that the decision of the Minister for the Interior on a ban on entering Latvia may be appealed to the Prosecutor General, whose decision is final.

The above-mentioned amendments have been made on the basis of the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and taking into account the judgment of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia of 25 September 2020, thus strengthening the rights of persons to legal protection.


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