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Today, on June 4, the new Minister for the Interior, Marija Golubeva organized an operational meeting to be acquainted with the current situation in the field of home affairs.

The Minister listened to reports and issues to be addressed in the services, from the Head of State Police Armands Ruks, the Head of the State Security Service Normunds Mežviets, the Head of State Border Guard Guntis Pujāts, the Head of State Fire and Rescue Service Oskars Āboliņš, as well as, from other heads of institutions subordinated to the Ministry.
As previously reported, the priorities of the Minister for the Interior will be structural reforms in the home affairs sector, strengthening the State Police and preventing domestic violence.
The head of the office of the Minister will be Linda Austere. Legal advisor Jānis Veide will continue his work at the office. Linda Curika has become the Minister's advisor to strategic communication. Pēteris Viņķelis joined the team as external public relations advisor.

Prepared by:
Linda Curika
Advisor to the Minister for the Interior
Strategic communication issues