Ugunsgrēka dzēšana

Last day, during the period from 5 August of this year 06 .30 to 6 August at 06.30, the National Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) received 51 calls – 17 to fire-extinguishing, 22 to rescue jobs, while 12 calls were deluded.

Tonight 01 .21 VUGD received an invitation to Jelgava, where smoke rose from the windows of a two-story wooden residential house . On arrival at the scene, firefighters found that an electric scooter and household belongings of 6 m2 were burning in one of the building's apartments in the bedroom. Six people were evacuated from the building before the arrival of VUGD, while firefighters evacuated another 10 people, one of whom had suffered and was handed over to medics by the Emergency Medical Service. At 02.42 The fire was eliminated . A smoke detector was installed in the living house.

Yesterday at 13 .31 Fire rescuers received a call in Krāslava, where, according to the initial information, a threat had formed in a two-story residential house. On arrival at the scene, firefighters found paper burning on the sill of 1 m ² in the residential house. The likely cause of the fire was probably related to the use of electrical equipment - a hot iron was placed next to the papers. . One man was evacuated from the house. At 14 .09 fire was eliminated. The house wasn't provided with a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher.

VUGD calls for caution when using and charging electrical appliances! Follow the instructions and tips for using the correct devices in the package leaflet!

During the last day, fire-fighters also rushed to calls where the bathhouse was burning, as wwll as unattended hot food, unmanaged garden house, campsite house, plastic products in an oven, power line support post, power line lines, wiring, balcony floor, wood, dry grass, garbage, cargo and light cars.

Prepared by: Prevention and Public Information Division