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On Friday, July 23, the Cabinet of Ministers issued an order to provide assistance to Lithuania in connection with the emergency situation due to the flow of migrants.

Latvia will send three tents (two modular tents and one large tent), three electric generators (9, 12 and 20 kW), five lighting kits with additional equipment, as well as 3,000 blankets from the state material reserves as humanitarian aid. The consignment will be delivered to Lithuania by the State Fire and Rescue Service.

"The government's decision to support the neighboring country is very important, because it is the unity of the Baltic states that has the greatest strength. It is unacceptable that the regime in Belarus uses hybrid war techniques to put pressure on the Lithuanian government," said Minister for the Interior Marija Golubeva.

Additional funding to be allocated for the renewal of the state material reserves used in the provision of humanitarian aid - 123,900 euros.

It has already been reported that the number of migrants crossing the Belarus-Lithuania border has increased dramatically. As of July 22, the number of migrants has reached 2,430.