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On Tuesday, October 13, the Cabinet of Ministers approved Colonel Armandu Ruku, Head of the Criminal Investigation Board of the VP's Chief Criminal Police Officer.

To present the new VP chief, as well as his vision for the development of the VP, Interior Minister Sandis Girgen and State Police Chief Armands Ruks hold a press conference on Wednesday, October 14, at .12 .00 at the Ministry of Interior, Chickenhill Line 1, k-2.

We ask the mass media who want to attend the press conference to apply for their membership by 14 October. .9 .00 when writing to e-mail:

As the Interior Minister S points out. "Armand Ruks is the best candidate for the post of Chief of State Police. . I'm sure Armand Ruks will bring in new breeze and be able to raise the State Police to a new level. "

A. The nomination of Ruks is in line with the requirements of the VP chief. in 2011 Armands Ruks has acquired a master's degree in law science at the University of Latvia, as well as he has a long time experience in various positions in the system of the Ministry of Interior. Armanda Ruka qualification, previous work experience at the State Police, as well as the result of an assessment of officials with a special degree of service - “A1” provides a basis for directing A.Ruka to a higher position.

On the basis of Section 9, Paragraph two of the Law on the Development of the Service of the Institutions of the System of the Ministry of the Interior and the Prisons Administration officials with special service ranks, the Minister for the Interior shall appoint the Chief of the State Police for a term of five years after the relevant nomination has been approved by the Cabinet.



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