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On Tuesday, June 1, the Cabinet of Ministers repeatedly extended the deadline for Chief Executive of the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) to Oskars Āboliņš as chief of service.

According to the Ministry of the Interior System official and the Prisons Administration official with special service ranks, the term of office of the Ministry of Interior officials Chief of Service Running Law, General O. Āboliņš  has been extended until 20 September 2026.

Interior Minister S. Ģirģens stresses: “Oskars Āboliņš has proven himself to be the best candidate for the post of chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service. Together with the State Fire and Rescue Service, we have fought funding for the construction of new modern disaster management centres that meet modern requirements in order to provide fire fighters with adequate and modern working conditions. We work shoulder to shoulder to meet the needs of SFRS. Consequently, I can say that the results of Āboliņš work, the great experience in the service, the ability to consolidate and manage the team allow for the continued tasks entrusted to the public and Latvia. I am convinced that Oskars Āboliņš, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, will successfully continue the ongoing positive reforms and progress in the National Fire and Rescue Service, and strengthen the credibility of the service in the eyes of the public."

Meanwhile, O. Āboliņš, while looking at the progress made in the service, said: “The concern for the provision of modern equipment and the improvement of working conditions for fire rescuers was the spotlight of recent years, which will continue over the coming years. In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, issues are being addressed on the construction of modern disaster management centres, where working conditions will be relevant to the needs of the service, and work will be stepped up so that modern technology solutions are also introduced in the framework of fire safety monitoring and civil protection in the early warning system. I will continue to devote my work to developing the service and being able to take care of the safety of Latvian society."

O. Āboliņš started in 1992 as a firefighter, while as SFRS Chief Executive O. Āboliņš has been since 2 April 2011. On the special merits of the firefighter's work and the contribution to the development of the VUGD O. Āboliņš received the highest national award in 2015 and became Commander of the Order of Viesturs.


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