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Ivars Ruskulis

On Tuesday, June 29, the Cabinet issued an order regarding the granting of a general special service grade to the Deputy Chief of the State Border Guard (SBG) (in matters of the organisation of the service) to Colonel Ivars Ruskulis.

The general shall be the highest level of service corresponding to the position of Deputy Chief of the SBG and may be granted after a period of five years in the special service of the colonel.

I. Ruskulis has been in the SBG service for 29 years. During the service he has received the SBG awards as well as the Golden Honours of the Ministry of Interior.

I. Ruskulis is one of the few SBG officers who started service at the Border Guard in 1992 in the Daugavpils border guards' battalion as the senior inspector (immediately after the completion of the officers' courses of the Latvian National Defence Academy). For about four years, the service was linked to compulsory service soldiers, later the specifics of the service changed to information - analytical work and operational activity, as well as immigration control activities. From 2007, I. Ruskulis took up the position of deputy head of the SBG Daugavpils administration, but from 2014 to 2020, SBG Ludza management chief, as well as in addition to his direct duties from 2014 to 2016, was deputy authorised border representative on the State border of the Republic of Latvia, but from 2017 - national border representative. The service has been extended until 17 March 2024.

I. Ruskulis has education that fully complies with the requirements referred to in regulatory enactments - vocational higher education in the knowledge of rights has been obtained, including an assessment of the activities of the official and the results thereof, as well as the state of health and physical preparedness conforms to the specified requirements.


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