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On Tuesday, June 9, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on further restrictions on the distribution of Covid-19 in Latvia, which will take effect tomorrow, June 10, with the end of the emergency. The aim of the rules is to continue to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, balancing it with the rights of population assembly and opening up the economy.

The Prime Minister Krishjanis Karins stresses: “In order to maintain a low distribution of Covid-19, it is also important to take two metres apart after the end of the emergency, but where it is not possible, to use a physical barrier, such as mouth and nose covers, masks or plastic face shield, to protect both themselves and others. In public transport, health and social care facilities, the use of face masks remains mandatory. We are closing one stage today, but unfortunately the virus is nowhere to go, so we must continue to be careful and use all the tools that protect us, including the “Stop Covid” app created by our entrepreneurs. Thank every representative of the public, especially medics, police officers, border guards, social centre staff, the media for their dedicated work at this difficult time". 

In Latvia, the spread of the virus is currently low and in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections in society, a number of basic health safety principles will continue to be strictly observed: the physical distance prescribed, hygiene rules must be observed, and care should be taken to monitor their state of health. Cabinet regulations shall prescribe epidemiological security measures, which shall also be observed after the end of the emergency.

As of June 10, a number of restrictions are being reduced, for example by observing a two-meter distance between persons, allowing more people to gather together – indoor to 100 people, and outside up to 300 people. On the other hand, 30 individuals will be able to participate in one training group at a time, if allowed by the training site. After the end of the emergency, nursery schools will work in person without restrictions, while public catering sites will have to provide a two-metre distance between tables and indoor tables for up to four people and eight in the outdoor areas.

There are also a number of other conditions concerning international passenger transport, tourism and travel, food, population isolation, home quarantine and self-isolation, etc. Other information: MK Rules “Measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” Health Ministry's explanation of the new rules.