On September 1, this year, border guards detained two Latvian citizens, who, after a previous agreement, engaged in importing goods subject to customs clearance into Latvia by smuggling, and took out 60 thousand smuggling cigarettes.

Two suspected persons were observed at night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the county of Tajik, via technical means. . When checking the information received, border guards identified several packages of smuggling cigarettes about 1800 metres from the State border, while detaining the two offenders a little later.

In total, 60 000 cigarettes were identified in packages by the Prime Minister with Belarusian excise stamps.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against both citizens of Latvia regarding the importation of goods subject to customs clearance into the customs territory of the Republic of Latvia in an illegal manner, which has been committed to a significant extent and in a group of persons following prior agreement. .men born in 1990 and 1992 have been identified as suspects and have been treated with non-custodial safeguards.


Information prepared by: Christine Peterson, Chief Inspector General of the Strategic Development and Public Relations Division of the
State Border Guard, telephone 67075739 28364592 , email: