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For persons entering the Republic of Latvia before October 11 at 23.59, paper questionnaires have yet to be filled in, while from 12 October at 00.00 all persons entering the Republic of Latvia will be obliged to fill in an electronic questionnaire on the website

Completion of the certificate is mandatory for all immigrants, and it must be completed no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia.

After filling in the confirmation form, the immigrant will receive a personalized QR code, which will confirm the submission of data. The code is needed so that carriers, the Health Inspectorate, the State Police, the municipal police and border guards can make sure that the restrictions are met.

If the QR code is lost, the website will have the function "receive QR code" again by entering the e-mail address.

Drivers performing international freight or passenger transport, as well as all others entering Latvia, must fill in the electronic confirmation form from 12 October. As far as transit is concerned, a note on transit travel is available in the questionnaire and the place of self-isolation does not have to be indicated. There is also a field in the questionnaire where the respondent will be able to provide comments if they wish. In cases where the driver does not have the technical means to submit the certificate, a third party may do so on his behalf. In accordance with the amendments adopted by the government on October 9, Cabinet of Ministers no. 360 regulations (58.1 1.), carriers who cross the land border of the EU countries for the purpose of employment on a daily basis shall fill in an electronic confirmation once in 30 days, if the person has a document certifying the fact of employment.

On the other hand, Latvian border residents studying, working or receiving medical services in Lithuania or Estonia, as well as residents declared in Valka municipality and Valga parish, who cross the Latvian land border with Estonia on a daily basis, must fill in an electronic confirmation form every 30 days.

The Electronic Immigrant Registration System IECIS, which will further serve as an electronic self-declaration system (confirmation questionnaire) for persons arriving or returning to Latvia from abroad, has been developed by the Information Center of the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with VP, VRS and SPKC.

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